KUNA -- From Studebakers to Cadillacs to Chevrolets, hundreds of classic cars are being auctioned off this week. They sit on a property east of Kuna.

The man who lived in the old Mora schoolhouse cultivated the collection for decades.

Some call it an eyesore. Others, a junkyard. But to car buffs, it's an incredible collection.

Wow, said auctioneer Kyle Musick after setting eyes on acres of cars in varying states of disarray.

The collection belonged to Clarence Haken. Along with cars, the Kuna man also collected a nickname.

He goes, have you ever heard of a good cowboy named Clarence? And somebody just happened to call him Slim one day and it stuck, said Linda DeBaets, Slim's daughter.

Slim collected cars throughout his life from an old schoolhouse east of Kuna. He bought the property in 1966 and he and his family moved in later that year.

When it came to his cars, Slim was passionate about the classics. He bought some cars at auction. Others, people just left on his property.

There's a lot of 40s and 50s Chevys and Fords, said Musick.

Slim owned many makes and models spanning from the 1930s to the 1980s. He preferred American made.

Some are very unique, including a delivery truck originally designed for military applications during World War II. There are only six known to exist in the world. Slim's is now the seventh.

His daughter says most days, you could find Slim outside tuning up and tinkering with his cars.

It was like he understood cars, she said. He was just a natural at it.

At one point, Slim was considered to be one of the top 10 car mechanics in Idaho.

Although he died three years ago, his cars still remain. They're all parked outside his schoolhouse home in Kuna.

There's just over 300 cars, added auctioneer Kyle Musick.

Musick would know. He and his staff spent the last six months sorting through the property and collecting VIN numbers for each vehicle.

They also sorted parts and tires, cataloging the entire collection for an extensive online auction.
This was his heaven on earth, said Linda DeBaets. Visiting the place where her father worked brings back a lot of memories.

She says the decision to auction off her dad's collection was a tough one.

There's so much potential here, added Debaets.

Auctioneers say there are tens of thousands of dollars worth of cars and parts on these seven acres.

There are some vehicles out here that are probably only worth a couple hundred dollars for parts and there's some that are worth a couple thousand dollars because they're whole, said Musick.

People have driven from all over to see Slim's collection. Many visit the property to make notes on which cars to bid on later.

Even the auctioneers hope many of these classics can be refurbished.That's something Slim's daughter says would make him proud.

Fix them up. Put them back on the road. Make my dad's dreams come true, said DeBaets.

The online auction for all of Slim's cars is going on right now.

Some of the sales close Wednesday, some Thursday and some on Friday.

For more information on the collection or to bid on cars or parts, click here.

Kyle Musick told us after the cars and parts are all sold, auctioneers will begin sorting through the old Mora school house. Anything found that's salvageable will be sold.

The schoolhouse and surrounding property will be sold at auction in June.

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