BOISE-- Supporters of the Add the Words movement gathered at the Idaho Statehouse Monday to keep their message alive.

Demonstrators staged an event called Wrap the Capitol.

Hundreds gathered at 5 p.m. and marched around the building until 7 p.m. to greet lawmakers as they were leaving for the day.

They want the words sexual orientation and gender identity added to the Idaho Human Rights Act.

Supporters say the law would protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Idaho from descrimination in housing and employment.

Critics question the need to include specific protection for LGBT people.

Demonstrator Becky Morgan told KTVB she learned about Monday's event via Facebook.

It's powerful to see this many people out in support of an important cause, she told KTVB.

Idaho's Repulican lawmakers have declined to hold a hearing on possible changes to the state's human rights act for several years.

Dozens of protesters have been arrested in the past few weeks challenging the issue.

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