BOISE -- Eight burglaries have been reported in the foothills north of Boise over the last four months, and police say that number is increasing, with two reported just last weekend.

Boise Police say most of the burglaries happened on weekends when the homeowners were away. They also say most of the homes back up to open spaces and foothills trails. Reports indicate the burglars cut power and phone lines to the homes and broke in through back doors. They say the thieves took jewelry, other expensive items and identifying items like passports.

Police want to urge citizens to be on the watch for unfamiliar cars and people in the area. They say you shouldn't hesitate to call police if you see activity you think is suspicious. They also want to remind residents to protect their homes and property with alarm systems, lights and security cameras.

Boise Police say they're not sure how many of the burglaries are connected at this time. They continue to investigate the crimes.

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