KUNA -- The Kuna community is preparing for a big homecoming today for injured high school football player Boone Bartlome.

Boone comes back home this afternoon months after going to Denver for intense physical therapy.

It was last November when Boone slipped and broke his neck during a playoff game against Bishop Kelly.

He went to a rehab hospital late last year to begin the long road to recovery.

Today, Boone's coach, his teammates and friends are encouraging everyone to come to Kuna High School to welcome him home.

We talked with head football coach Lee Leslie earlier this week.

He says the goal is to show Boone how many people are supporting him.

He knows there's been a lot of people really go out of their way to really help him, and you know there's a lot of people in the valley whose hearts have really gone out to Boone and it's kind of softened all of us, said Leslie. It's really been a neat experience.

Boone will continue with therapy here in Idaho.

Today will be the first time Boone sees the work that's been done to make his house accessible for him and his wheelchair.

Coach Leslie is asking people to line Deer Flat Road right in front of Kuna High School starting at 3 o'clock. He says you can park just south of the high school.

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