BOISE -- Boise s chief of police spoke out against a bill that would allow concealed weapons on college campuses.

Chief Mike Masterson spoke to about a hundred people gathered at St. Michael's Cathedral in Downtown Boise Wednesday evening.

Masterson said he and many other law enforcement agencies hope lawmakers think twice before passing the law.

We think it's a bad law. We think it's a bad mix, we don't think it's necessary given the climates that we have on our college campuses. We re supported by the college leaders who unanimously agree that weapons should not be carried on campus, said Masterson.

Masterson says Idaho s weak concealed weapons laws and lack of standardization for concealed carry classes is just a couple of reason he's against the bill.

Those in favor of the bill say it would protect the second amendment rights of college students and staff.

The bill passed the Senate Tuesday and is now headed for the House.

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