BOISE -- An interesting new wine bar in downtown Boise has a unique concept for customers: Self-serve wine tasting machines. In fact, the bar boasts the largest installation of the machines in the United States.

Bodovino opened in December on 8th Street in the BoDo area. The wine bar's main attraction is those self-serve wine tasting machines, which allow customers to put money onto a card, insert it into the machines, and can choose a one, three or five-ounce pour.

Prices depend on the price of the bottle, which can go up to hundreds of dollars. The small pours of big-name bottles offer customers the option to simply get a taste of really expensive wine.

It's really fun. An example of one that we have might be an Opus 1. That's a couple hundred dollar bottle of wine, and it's one I had never tried because you can't just get a glass of something like that, said Mandy Wood, an owner and manager of Bodovino. So it's really fun to be able to come in, get a one ounce taste of it, see what it's like, see if you like it. Maybe you want to buy a bottle, but maybe it's just fun to try something you usually don't get the opportunity to.

Bodovino is one of only a few wine bars of this type and has 144 wines on tap in 18 machines.

We got the idea from another wine bar that we saw in Winter Park, Florida. There's a few around the country, but we wanted to stand out and step up the game, so we have the largest installation of these machines in the whole United States, Wood said.

Bodovino also has food, including cheeses from around the world, chocolate, berries and flatbreads. The bar also has a big beer selection, including mix-and-match six packs to take home.

Wood says the wine bottle prices are at retail levels, and they have around 500 different bottles for sale.

The wine bar is open weekdays from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. and on weekends from 11 a.m. until 1 a.m.

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