HOOD RIVER, Ore. -- A LaGrande father of four says he s lucky to be alive after his car was destroyed by a rockslide on Interstate 84 Wednesday night.

Dan Koopman was headed back home from Salem at about 7:30 p.m., when at least 2,000 cubic yards of rock and debris came tumbling down onto the stretch of I-84 he was driving.

Several huge boulders smashed the front end of his car and cracked his windshield.

I had the sheer terror, Koopman said. I could hear more movement outside. I thought, I m going to get crushed, and I bailed out of my car as fast as I could.

He jumped over the Jersey barrier to safety and waited for help to arrive, knowing he was just inches from a far worse fate.

I am just so unbelievably grateful, he said. I just look at the car, and the rocks. And some of them were far larger than my car. He escaped with just a few sore ribs.

I can t believe I survived, he said when he went back to look at his car hours later (pictured). I believe there s a reason I m alive today.

KGW Reporter Ashley Korslien contributed to this report.

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