SPOKANE, Wash.-- A witness of a carjacking in Coeur d'Alene in mid-January said a child within the vehicle began punching the suspected carjacker.

A suspect is accused of causing a crash and then took off in a good Samaritan s car with the woman s kids still inside according to police.

One of the kids immediately began punching the suspect in an effort to protect his two younger siblings.

One woman, whose husband and 13-year-old son were later hit by the suspect, said she is just grateful they are still alive.

I thought somebody was dead. It was terrifying, said Lori Akin.

Investigators said Kara Powers rear-ended the two as she was driving west along Coeur d Alene Lake Drive. Powers was allegedly driving a stolen car.

Powers had already hit another car further up the road. A good Samaritan stopped to see if Powers was OK. Akin spoke to that good Samaritan and said what happened next was even worse.

As soon as the accident happened, and she stopped for her to see if she was OK and both drivers were OK, that she really didn't seem to have any reaction that she just said that she felt like she needed to sit down. She was told that an ambulance would be coming for her. And that's when she just proceeded to get in the car, said Akin.

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The good Samaritan s three kids were still in the car that Powers got in.

That's when they told me that the oldest boy, who's 13. When he was in the car with the hijacker, he was punching her in the head and trying to get her to stop, said Akin.

Authorities said the kids were then able to get out of the car before Powers continued down the road and hit Akin s husband and son. Akin s husband was hospitalized after the crash. She said he was recovering extremely well and should be out of the hospital near the end of January.

Powers was also still hospitalized on Monday. Authorities had not arrested her.

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