Jessica and Marty Becker have traveled the world and have a lot of memories. But their recent honeymoon to the Dominican Republic may top them all. It all started before their United Airlines flight left Seattle.

We were about to board the flight and the flight attendant looked at our seats and said, you know, I'm really sorry to tell you this but on the previous flight a passenger vomited on the seat, said Jessica.

The Becker's say the flight crew spent an hour cleaning but finally the couple had to make a choice - either miss the flight or suffer through it. So they buckled up.

They tried to make us comfortable as possible. That's when they issued us the $500 each voucher and just said, we're really sorry this is the way it is, said Jessica.

Because of the delay, United told the couple to pick up their vouchers during their layover. When they met the gate agent they got the first sense that something might go wrong.

She made a mention that we were going to have problems with these but just to call the number on the ticket, said Marty.

And they ran into trouble just a week later when they tried to cash in the free travel.

I put in all the information and the screen popped up and said, your tickets have been voided, said Jessica.

The Becker's sent emails and called United for more than a week but could never get an answer.

I feel completely helpless. I feel I have done everything in my power to talk to the right people, explained Jessica.

Finally the couple contacted me.

I got in touch with United and a few days later the airline sent new vouchers and an extra $100 travel certificate.

United said because the vouchers weren't picked up in Seattle an agent canceled them to avoid someone else using them. It apologized and said there will be an internal review of its process.

In the meantime, the Becker's have already made plans for their free trip. This time they hope the memories are more pleasant

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