BOISE -- Garbage truck drivers see a lot on their routes. But on one freezing day this winter, a driver for Republic Services in Boise saw someone in need of help.

Tim Lockwood jumped into action right away, and is now being called a hero for his watchful eye.

It all started when Lockwood noticed a woman on the ground in her driveway.

I went out and pulled in the garbage pail, and was within one foot of my garage, said Helen Kelly.

That's when Kelly slipped on some ice and hurt her arm.

I couldn't get up, she said. I had no leverage with my arm and I started to call for help and I realized there was not a soul home in the neighborhood. It was very quiet.

Kelly wasn't sure when she would get help, and get out of the frigid weather.

At the same time, Lockwood was on his garbage truck route in the area.

The minute he came around that corner, I started to yell and wave with the one hand that I could.

Thanks to Lockwood's keen eye, he saw Kelly and jumped out of the truck to help.

He stopped and picked me up, took me to the house called the ambulance and waited until the EMT people came and then he left, said Kelly.

Kelly says Lockwood is her own personal hero who was in the right place at the right time.

I was just lucky that he came around at that time, because if he had gone by, no one would have come along for probably hours later.

About a week after the fall, Lockwood went to visit Kelly at the hospital.

Her family is so thankful for Lockwood's actions.

Just grateful to live in Boise where these things happen and people help, said Kelly's daughter Leslie.

Lockwood says he was just doing what anyone would in the same situation.

I realize it's a big deal to the family, to me it's just another day, he said. I don't see how anybody would not do it.

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