ADA COUNTY -- Thursday morning's commute was out of the ordinary for dozens of drivers. Cars, trucks, and commercial trucks littered the road after a multi-car wreck on I-84 near the Ten Mile Road exit.

Jeff Peters was on his way to work in Nampa, when the fog descended on the road.

It didn't really look scary, you just saw fog, but once you got into it you had absolutely no visibility and it was just like, 'wow,' said Peters.

Peters has driven that route seven days a week for 19 years, but said it was dangerous on Thursday.

You didn't see the people in front of you that were stopped until it was almost too late, and I could see the people behind me were doing the same thing, said Peters. It was very scary, total chaos.

He said the people next to him were slamming on their brakes, and one slid into the median.

My anti-lock brakes were shuttering, I was able to stop, just barely, from hitting the car in front of me, Peters said.

Peters and his truck came out of the ordeal without a scratch. Later, he saw the video of the crash on the news and realized how bad the wreck was.

I felt very fortunate, I felt lucky I avoided a mess there, he said. It happened so fast, the fog, it was like a cloud hanging over that one spot, and you just drove into a cloud, and we didn't know that there was anybody stopped on the interstate.

Peters considers himself a good driver, but said this was a good reminder about winter driving.

When you see fog, slow down, and there's ice on the road, said Peters. I was definitely going too fast for the conditions, so slow down.

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