BOISE -- A passenger bus veered off the road and struck the Idaho Power corporate headquarters near the intersection of 13th and Main streets just after 6:30 a.m. Monday.

Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported. A Valley Regional spokesperson told KTVB there were about 10 to 12 people on the bus when it crashed.

Cathleen Livingston was taken to the hospital, but her injury was not life threatening.

When we started heading towards the building, I was praying really hard there wasn't going to be anyone getting seriously hurt. said Livingston.

Police say the bus hit five trees, two light poles and an ACHD sign before smashing into the building and damaging a support beam just above an underground parking area.

Could not believe my eyes when I first came down here. said Mark Carnopis, Valley Regional Transit Community Relations Manager. For that bus to go through one parking lot and through another parking lot, obviously there were some potential problems with the braking.

Passenger Joe Pacheco told KTVB the bus driver was able to minimize the damage done to the bus and surrounding property by swerving to avoid cars stopped at the red light on 13th and Main.

He did a phenomenal job, Pacheco said. I mean, that could have been so much worse than it was.

Pacheco said the bus was traveling about 30 miles per hour when it struck the building with terrifying force.

Just seein' that wall come up, and the windows cracking and buckling, and I thought, 'Thank God for the safety glass,' Pacheco said. You see that stuff start flying and you're just thinking about glass in your face and getting sharded.

Yeah, it was a hell of a ride, he added.

Watch the raw interview with Pacheco

A little momentum and those are multi, multi, multi ton vehicles and stuff, too, said Carnopis. It was quick thinking on his part.

Idaho Power spokesperson Stephanie McCurdy says the crash did not injure anyone inside the building. As a precaution, firefighters evacuated a cafeteria above the crash and say the structural damage to the building doesn't appear serious.

A picture tweeted by the Boise PoliceDepartment shows the bus partially hanging over what appears to be a large loading bay inside the building.

No citations have been issued at this time.

Police are continuing to investigate what caused the bus driver to lose control, forcing him to crash the bus. Police intially said they suspected brake failure.

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