MERIDIAN -- Wild ducks have become the target of blow darts in the Treasure Valley.

A woman who lives in Meridian says she first noticed a duck with a dart in its side, about a week ago, and since then, she's seen between six to 10 ducks, walking with darts sticking out of their bodies.

She's frustrated over the intentional cruelty, and wants someone to help the injured animals.

For years, Sandy Rogers has been feeding the dozens of ducks who visit her backyard, but about a week ago, she noticed a dart sticking out of one of the duck's side.

Then, she noticed another, and another, Rogers says she's seen at least six ducks with darts.

It's terrible, it's terrible to see, it's very upsetting, said Rogers.

Some are clearly in pain, and struggling to get around.

Rogers says it's hard to watch and wonders why someone would shot a blow dart at duck. The person who is doing this, it's just a terrible thing to do this to an animal.

She worries what the person responsible will target at next.

What's next? Pets or maybe that might shoot a grandchild who is running around out there, it's very very dangerous. said Rogers.

KTVB learned these ducks aren't the first to be injured by darts.

In fact, the Idaho Domestic Bird Rescue and Sanctuary says it's common.

This has been an ongoing problem in the Boise area, we've run across it several times, the problem being that if these birds get shot they survive the shoot, said Christine Lewis, chief executive of the Idaho Domestic Bird Rescue and Sanctuary.

The birds will survive, but suffer. Christine Lewis says the darts will eventually kill the ducks.

It will become infected over time, and the animal will die, a horrible death, said Lewis.

Since most can still fly, they're extremely hard to catch, and despite Rogers' efforts to net the darted ducks, she's unable to and worries about what will happen to them.

I enjoy them so much, I love them, I'm an animal lover of any kind, I think it's terrible it's cruel, said Rogers.

KTVB also talked to Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and they say there is not a lot you can do in a situation like this, but to give their office a call.

In addition, Fish and Game says the penalty for someone caught shooting darts at wildlife, and the person responsible could be charged with animal cruelty and possibly even poaching.

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