BOISE Experts say Tuesday, December 17 is expected to be the busiest delivery day of the Christmas holiday season.

UPS estimates they'll move roughly 300 parcels a second. Worldwide, that's roughly 29 million packages, and most of them are for the holidays.

So naturally, thieves will try to cash in.

Packages are stolen after being left on front porches from time to time. Although we hear about it often, UPS Business Manager Dax Wilkinson said his workers try to not let it happen.

They notify us if there is any suspicious activity (like) someone following them, said Wilkinson.

UPS delivery drivers are making over 200 stops a day and follow specific package release methods according to Wilkinson. Drivers don t require a signature for all packages and if that is the case, they will try to hide the parcel and secure it.

Out of sight, out of weather, so that no suspicious people come by and snag it from you, said Wilkinson.

However in most cases, customers can track their packages by the minute online.

They can see within minutes that we have delivered the package to their doorstep, said Wilkinson.

He also said if the item is really important or valuable, the customer may considering just being home to retrieve it.

Try and have someone at home ready to accept the package, explained Wilkinson. We are going to knock and we are going leave it on the front door, and we aren t always going to wait for someone to answer that door, but if you can have someone there to get it off your front porch as soon as possible that is the best way to deter theft.

It s not just UPS who practices this, we found mail carrier Pat Coonrad on his North Boise route Tuesday.

He has been delivering mail for 16 years and knows the holidays are a time to be especially careful with the deliveries.

I try to safe guard the packages as best as possible, (cont.) behind the door, or behind a bush, or a tree the best that I can do, he explained.

Wilkinson said if you think you have been the victim of a package theft you can call and file a claim. He said UPS will spend 10 days working your case, and said each delivery driver is equipped with a GPS device that tags the item once it s been scanned and left at your door.

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