BOISE -- We have an update on how many Idahoans have signed up for health insurance through our state-run exchange.

Your Health Idaho reports 1,730 people have successfully enrolled in October and November through the online exchange.

We are also hearing from someone who recently received coverage through the exchange and is saving hundreds of dollars each month.

Last week, we shared the story of a small business owner who was shocked that his health care plan nearly doubled as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

Now, we're hearing from a Boise man who says the opposite -- that on December 1st, he easily signed up for insurance through the exchange, and his new plan is better and cheaper.

Bill Bodnar admits that in early October he spent many frustrating hours on his computer, trying to enroll in the exchange.

So, he decided to wait until the online glitches were fixed, and that's when he found immediate success.

We were very pleasantly surprised to see the lower costs and the better benefits, said Bodnar.

Bodnar says in about 15 minutes he easily enrolled himself and his wife in two individual gold plans with Select Health.

You get to see all the options, all the prices, everything is there and puts control in the hands of the consumer, said Bodnar.

Bodnar is self employed and did not receive a federal subsidy, but their monthly premium dropped from about $1,300 to $900.

He says it's because under the new health care law, plans don't take into account pre-existing conditions, like sickness and surgeries that the Bodnars' had been through.

Our prices fell because the way health insurance is priced now is not based on anything related to your current or past medical conditions, said Bodnar.

Bodnar says his plan is not only less expensive, but has richer benefits like a lower deductible and coverage for prescriptions.

Bodnar is one of many who has recently signed up for coverage on the exchange.

There is a lot of interest, there are people waiting on their eligibility determination or who just haven't finished application process yet, said Amy Dowd, executive director of Your Health Idaho.

Dowd says she is pleased with the enrollment numbers.

Our goal is sustainability for 2016 and ensuring people understand that this year and next year exchange plans are out there, said Dowd.

Your Health Idaho also released new information about how many people are interested in Idaho's exchange.

So far, they've received 9,505 applications. Each application could include more than one person, so that number reflects more than 15,000 Idahoans.

Of those, more than 7,000 applications have gone through the next step and are eligible for coverage.

In total, 1,730 people have completed the entire process and will have insurance through Your Health Idaho starting on January first.

Your Health Idaho says they do not have a specific goal in mind for enrollment, and that they're just hoping the system will be sustainable by 2016.

As a reminder, the deadline to enroll for coverage beginning on January first is December 23.

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