NAMPA -- As November comes to a close, you might have noticed a trend, men with mustaches around town. This is all part of the 'Movemeber' movement, aimed at bringing awareness to men's health issues.

One Northwest Nazarene student decided to start his own Movember group on campus.

NNU Senior Aaron Wiebe admits his mustache is a little scraggly, The more straggly it looks, the more people go, 'why is that on your face?' and the more conversations are started that way, said Wiebe.

This November, Wiebe thought it was time to raise awareness about prostate cancer and men's health. He got a group of student and faculty to participate in Movember, growing their mustaches for the whole month of November to raise awareness.

It is a cause that touched his life in a personal way.

My youth mentor for my church, he passed away from prostate cancer and so this was kind of something I could do to get involved and hopefully prevent somebody from having this disease take their life, Wiebe said.

Organizing the movement around campus, Wiebe discovered that the effects of prostate cancer are more widespread than he originally thought.

I have heard stories from professors and from students here who's families have been directly affected by prostate cancer and loved ones have been lost, he said. And those stories, it's amazing how you hear so many people are affected by it.

About 130 students and 20 faculty members participated.

When people would come up and say, 'nice mustache,' it gave you the opportunity to say, 'well I normally wouldn't grow a mustache,' said Carey Cook, Vice President of Student Development, a faculty member who participated.

Cook said men need to be more aware about health threats, like prostate cancer and talk about it.

Men don't necessarily like to talk about it or deal with it, said Cook, but I think it's important for us to keep that at the forefront.

Wiebe is known around campus for his facial hair campaigns---he got 100 people to grow beards for NNU's 100 year anniversary.

NNU's Movember campaign raised $250 online, and more in cash.

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