BOISE -- A fundraiser for the thrice-stolen ornamental butterfly at the Women's and Children's Alliance shelter will take place Monday.

Even though the statue has finally been put back together for the third time in two years, the alliance needs help covering the latest costs of repairing the statue.

Payette Brewing Company is putting on a Kegs4Kause fundraiser Monday from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. at its Garden City location.

Fifty-percent of the money raised will go to the WCA.

The most recent theft occured on November 11, when a man ripped the butterfly off of a statue outside the shelter.

The butterfly was returned several days later with a note that read, My friend's a drunken idiot. I'm so sorry.

Boise Police continue to search for the man seen in security video yanking the butterfly off its perch.

WCA Executive Director Bea Black is inviting the man involved to come forward, and take a tour of their facility to learn about what they do.

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