ONTARIO, Ore. There is new information from police today about the possible motive in an eastern Oregon homicide.

Jacob Colman was murdered inside his Ontario home and his body was found on Oct. 8.

His family is pushing for answers, hoping to help police find a suspect in the case.

Police tell us they believe Colman was killed because of his connection to the drug community -- specifically meth.

This is an unusual case, and the victim has a disturbing past.

Colman just 34 when he was killed. He had several run-ins with the law, but nothing as serious as his first charge at age 12 -- shooting and killing his foster parents.

Police tell us they don't believe that crime is related to Colman's murder, but instead it was his role in the local drug community.

We've been experiencing quite an increase in meth, methamphetamine use, and, which is tied in, we believe is tied into this case. I would even call it an epidemic at this point, said Ontario Police Chief Mark Alexander.

Police say the drug connection is making the search for the suspect more difficult, which is why his family is now offering a $1,000 reward for information.

Just knowing the frustrations we're are having, we just need some kind of triggering event, to have someone give us some accurate information and get us going in the right direction, said Alexander.

Those who live near Colman's apartment, where his body was found, say they've noticed the drug-related traffic.

When you see something like that going in and out all the time, the type of people that are going in and out, it gets to be on the suspicious side, said neighbor Shirley Wischnofske.

More than a month after the murder, investigators and neighbors hope the person responsible is found.

All they have is their memories and I pray they are good memories, said neighbor.

We also learned that Colman had moved to Ontario several years ago and was living alone.

Police tell us he has family in this area, as well as other locations. We are told they did not want to come forward for fear of retaliation.

If you have any information on this case, call Ontario Police.

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