MERIDIAN-- Medians in Meridian are causing headaches for several locations along Franklin Road.

The Ada County Highway District says the medians are needed to keep drivers safe as traffic increases through the growing area.

Ten Mile Christian Church opened in 2009 and officials say their congregation has grown quickly since then.

They say a median planned along Franklin Road near the entrance to their church would make access more difficult for drivers turning left.

Another Franklin Road business owner we talked to says he has proof that dealing with medians deters drivers.

There's plenty of traffic coming out of Ten Mile Christian Church on a typical Wednesday morning, and there's plenty more during their weekend services.

Our attendance on Sunday is running close to 2,300, said Larry Woodard with Ten Mile Christian Church.

More than 2,000 people turning in and out of the main entrance on Franklin Road.

Elder Larry Woodard says he worries how the traffic would be impacted if a proposed median is put in.

The problem is people coming from Nampa, how would they get in here? And people from Boise, how would they turn left? said Woodard.

About a mile down the road at All About Powersports, owner Kevin Ralston says the median added in front of his entrance has blocked business.

It hasn't just affected us, it's all the businesses around here, but we're the little guy and I can't afford it, we just can't afford it, said Ralston.

He says his service and repair shop means most customers are pulling a trailer, making it hard to turn in and out with the median put in this summer.

Ralston says since then their sales have dropped dramatically.

We're considering closing our business, we just can't afford it, I've got employees and their families and it's just not a good deal, said Ralston.

ACHD says they know some businesses are concerned, but say medians are simply safer.

Our focus at ACHD is on motorist, pedestrians, bicycle safety, we really have to have that the forefront of our plans, and those medians are necessary in the design, said ACHDspokesperson Christine Myron.

Myron says increased traffic in future years could mean increased accidents, something they're hoping to avoid.

Restricting those left turn movements where vehicles have to judge Julinda traffic in each direction, it can make for some unsafe environment for drivers, said Christine Myron with ACHD.

The Meridian City Council said at Tuesday's meeting they would recommend that this piece of the project, just the median in front of this entrance, be put on hold until traffic proves that it's needed.

Woodard called that a small victory.

ACHD meets on Dec. 4 to discuss the project.

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