BOISE -- Two people accused of a long list of crimes in Utah and Idaho have been arrested in Boise, police say.

Late Wednesday night, police responded to a report of a charge on a stolen credit card at a hotel on Airport Way in Boise.

At the hotel, police arrested Travis McDonald, 31, of Bountiful, Utah and Kristie Nuneviller, 30, of Salt Lake City.

Nuneviller used a credit card and identification card that had been reported stolen in Utah, while McDonald was in possession of multiple stolen credit cards, according to police.

Investigators believe McDonald and Nuneviller were traveling in a Toyota SUV, which had been stolen earlier this month in Utah.

A search of McDonald found a concealed .22 caliber pistol, which he did not have a license for, police said. Both suspects are accused of meth possession and providing false identities to police.

McDonald and Nuneviller were booked into the Ada County Jail early Thursday morning on multiple felony charges, including grand theft, meth possession, forgery, and fraudulent use of a credit card.

Both were arraigned at the Ada County Courthouse Thursday afternoon. McDonald is being held on a $400,000 bond, while Nuneviller's bond was set at $250,000. They're due back in court in two weeks.

Utah officials are working to extradite McDonald to the state, where he's accused of stealing a pickup truck and a utility truck from the west side of the Salt Lake Valley in the past two weeks.

On Nov. 7, police chased McDonald in the utility truck throughout the valley, eventually evacuating a Home Depot to search for him and surrounding a motel before losing his tracks.

In 2006, McDonald was sentenced to prison in a string of cases that ultimately resulted in convictions of attempted felony theft and making a fraudulent financial transaction. He has been in and out of prison several times since then.

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