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NAMPA -- The man who bought 20 homes with the hopes of auctioning them off to raise money for the Nampa School District has filed a tort claim against the Idaho Lottery Commission.

A lawyer for Enriching Endowments, Inc. filed the claim on Tuesday asking for $500,000 in damages. The tort claims negligent, reckless and intentional acts by the lottery commission.

The claim stems from the commission's decision in May to pull the plug on Enriching Endowments' plan to raffle a house over the internet and give the proceeds to the Nampa School District.

In a letter to the company's founder, Phil Allaire, the commission said his organization was violating several state and federal laws. More specifically, the commission alleged that because the raffle was online, it violated federal internet gambling laws.

The lottery commission declined to comment on the tort claim.

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