BOISE -- For years, Vincent Echevarria sat on a bench outside his signature barber shop in Boise's historic Hyde Park. Echevarria was an immigrant from the Basque Country, a boxer in his youth, and a neighborhood icon as an adult.

One day last fall -- in the place where so many people crossed his path -- Vince Echevarria unexpectedly fell to the ground. He died at age 83.

About year has passed since Echevarria died, and now his barber shop has reopened with a new owner dedicated to keeping his legacy alive.

The new tenant, Patti Marshall signed a lease this September, and is now wrapping up her first week of business.

The neighborhood seems really excited to have a barber shop again, she said.

Marshall says she went to barber school in Boise seven years ago, and for the last several years, she's wanted to own the shop.

Marshall says everyone who comes by seems to have their own story about Vince Echevarria.

They talk about what a character he was, Marshall said.

She told KTVB she's trying to keep a lot of things the same here, and has even kept some of Vince's old clients.

I'm just planning on taking my spot on the bench out there and waiting for my clients, she said.

Marshall put in new chairs and did some redecorating to spruce things up. While she now has a larger offering for customers, she says the legacy of Vince still lives on in the shop.

His son was in here today and he was just really excited and he said, 'I think my dad is in here somewhere,' I said, 'I think he is,' said Marshall.

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