BOISE -- Congress is set to adjourn for the year on December 13th and that gives them 15 working days to address a handful of pressing issues.

Issues like immigration reform, the push from the GOP to delay the president's health care plan and the deficit crisis.

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson doesn t believe any of those things will get resolved before the end of the year. One reason is the refusal by members of Congress to compromise.

Widely publicized and widely chastised by members of his own party, Simpson was the only Idaho congressional delegate to vote in favor of ending the government shutdown last month.

Simpson said he would do it again, if and when, another impasse happens as a result of a bargaining tool on the debt ceiling.

The funny thing is people say we would've gotten rid of Obamacare if we would've been able to defund it in the Congress, if we would've just held out a little longer, said Simpson.

A) That would've never happened, and, B) It wouldn t have gotten rid of Obamacare.

Obamacare would still be on the books and people would still have to comply with it because 80 percent of it is mandatory spending.

Simpson, along with many in the GOP believe they must repeal the health care law and keeping the government handcuffed wasn t the way to do that.

He talked a lot about the next debt ceiling deadline coming up in mid-February and more theatrics from Capitol Hill, which he knows the American public is growing mighty tired of seeing.

The full interview with Congressman Mike Simpson airs on KTVB at 9 a.m. Sunday on Viewpoint.

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