NAMPA -- It's a controversial issue that drew a large group from all over the country to Capitol Hill this week.

A group of 600 people from 40 states gathered to push for immigration reform.

Among them were 13 people from Idaho who say a change in legislation is needed.

One of those who flew to the nation's capitol was David Cahoon from Nampa.

He owns El Centro, an insurance company for Spanish speaking citizens.

Cahoon says some of his customers are here illegally and could benefit from immigration reform.

They have hopes and dreams like all of us and they want to be living here, they don't want to be living in the shadows, said Cahoon.

Cahoon was one of 13 from Idaho who flew to D.C. to participate in panel discussions and meet with lawmakers.

It was overwhelming, it really was because here we are from Idaho, said Cahoon.

Just last week, President Obama urged the House to discuss the latest comprehensive immigration reform bill.

That measure passed the Senate this summer, but then stalled.

Cahoon says the bill needs to pass as soon as possible, and says the people in Nampa he deals with every day are frustrated.

They hear bits and pieces on the news, they get bits and pieces, they get their hopes up and then Washington doesn't do anything, said Cahoon.

The reform would help the 11 million people here illegally gain citizenship and tighten border security.

Cahoon says it would also help Idaho find more workers, something that's needed with the state's large agriculture industry.

I think it was important for him to see, people from Idaho, conservatives from Idaho, making the trip to D.C. to say 'look this is something that needs to be done,' said Cahoon.

While Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch support immigration reform, both voted against the latest measure.

The group in D.C. did meet with Rep. Raul Labrador to discuss the issue.

Last month's partial government shutdown meant delays for the House to consider immigration reform and lawmakers are running out of time.

The House will be in session for only 18 more days this year.

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