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HORSESHOE BEND -- An fresh influx of cash into the Horseshoe Bend School District will go towards sports equipment, school supplies, and class field trips.

The district received nearly $5,000 thanks to the Race 2 Summit, a half-marathon up Old Highway 55 in September.

The race was the brainchild of three Horseshoe Bend moms, who wanted to help the district out after learning of budget cuts.

They (the school district) have some funding currently, and it's only going to last for three years said race organizer Melanie Flake. So, our hopes with this race, is that it will continue to grow, and we'll be able to provide a more stable funding for the school.

This was the second year for the fundraiser, and organizers are already planning for the 3rd annual Race 2 Summit on October 18, 2014.

Race director Lillie Crawford said nearly 200 runners and 80 volunteers participated this year.

Here's a look at how the money will be distributed:

  • The football team -- $780 to purchase 4 new helmets
  • The volleyball team -- $500 to purchase 5 volleyballs, championship banners and a
    record board to post winning banners
  • The cross country team -- $872 to purchase 15 uniforms and 2 heart monitors
  • Ms. Karen Dhuyvetter -- $407 to purchase a math document camera and 3 learning programs
  • Ms. Cora Larson -- $300 for kindergarten field trips
  • Mr. Jay Dunn -- $395 to purchase a marching band drum and mallets
  • Ms. Kristin Houle -- $366 to purchase an iPad Mini and case
  • Ms. Jeanie Chestnut -- $200 to purchase a field trip and class supplies
  • Ms. Jenn Riley -- $282 to purchase a math document camera
  • Ms. Karen Garner -- $100 for a class field trip
  • Ms. Tammie May -- $200 to purchase new books
  • Ms. Susan Womack -- $100 for a class field trip
  • Mr. Eric Moore -- $100 to go towards a CNC machine
  • Ms. Susan Beasley -- $60 for classroom supplies
  • Ms. Debbie Alkire -- $50 for preschool supplies
  • Ms. Allison Hersh -- $100 to go towards a printing press
  • Ms. McCale Ashenbrener -- $100 for a Dia de los Muertos field trip
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