BOISE -- Authorities with the Ada County Sheriff's Office and the Boise Police Department say a carjacking suspect being transported by a private security escaped just outside of Boise on Thursday night.

It was his third escape in the last month.

Rodney Seiber, 36, ran away from a security employee just before 6:30 p.m. Thursday near the Stage Stop outside of Boise. The private security team told police they'd stopped to let Seiber use the bathroom while transporting him from Nevada to Canyon County.

According to reports, Seiber was shackled and handcuffed when he ran away near the Orchard Access Road and was last seen along Mayfield Road, north of Interstate 84.

Officers began to search for Seiber after setting up a perimeter and shutting down the freeway in the area. Residents in the area were sent a geocast message to warn them that Seiber might be in the area.

Then, just after 7 p.m., Seiber walked from some brushes toward an officer and turned himself in. Officials say as of Thursday night, detectives are interviewing Seiber and it might be a while until they decide on the criminal charges.

Back in September, Seiber was arrested in Big Horn County, Montana after he was wanted in connection with a carjacking in Nampa.

Seiber had previously dodged Canyon County authorities by running into a corn field, then jumped out the window of a motel in Montana to avoid police there.

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