BOISE -- We're now getting a better understanding of the plans offered on the Your Health Idaho insurance exchange.

On Wednesday, KTVB talked with a state-certified insurance agent about your new options when it comes to health care coverage.

Idaho's exchange has been open for more than a week now, and many people are still seeing error messages and delays.

It's the same problem that certified insurance agents are facing.

Insurance agent Stan Armstrong with Hartley Insurance is one of many who has still been unsuccessful in accessing the plans on Idaho's online exchange.

After trying every day, he tells us he has been unable to enroll even a single client.

It is frustrating because in order to get the subsidy you have to go through that exchange, said Armstrong.

But another frustration you may face is the number of plans. Armstrong says each of the four companies is offering 10 to 20 policies.

He says the specifics are different for everyone, depending on your age, income, and zip code.

We found a silver plan for a family of four for a premium of about $700 a month, and for a 31-year-old individual a similar plan for about $200 a month.

But those plans vary on co-pays, health savings accounts, deductibles, and in network providers.

Armstrong admits the information can be overwhelming.

It's so different than what we are used with health insurance, the overhaul is pretty big so people are pretty confused, said Armstrong.

As for the prices, Armstrong says they vary greatly, with older people generally paying less, and the younger people paying sometimes double what they're used to.

The younger, well-to-do client is the one that's going to have the sticker stock, said Armstrong.

There are dozens of certified agents like Armstrong, trained in the exchange, who are available to help walk you through your options.

They are listed on the Your Health Idaho website, here.

As we mentioned, the prices on the exchange vary depending on your zip code.

We found as much as a $60 per month premium difference between a specific plan offered in Boise and the same plan offered in Lewiston.

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