WEISER-- The impact from a freight train cut a semi-tractor trailer in half just outside of Weiser Thursday evening, according to witnesses and the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

The crash happened about two miles west of Weiser at the intersection of State Highway 70 and Pioneer Road. That's where a semi hauling a JohnDeere front-end loader became stuck on the tracks around 7:15 p.m.

Washington County resident AlexChavarria was on the scene after the accident. He says the oncoming train sheared the tractor-trailer in half, sending the cab flying.

It was amazing that it chopped it right in half, and threw the cab, Chavarria told KTVB.

The truck driver escaped the crash with no injuries. The two-member train crew was also unijured. However, Washington County Sheriff Matt Thomas says the truck driver certainly had close call.

The train engineer advised us that about 40 yards before impact, he saw the driver get out, Thomas told KTVB.

Thomas said the particular crossing wasn't designed for the type of trailer the driver was pulling.

Both a tow company and a Union Pacific crew were on the scene cleaning up after the crash and repairing the tracks for around 5 hours.

A UnionPacific spokesperson says the intersection had properly working lights and gates.

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