BOISE -- Two local women who police say helped stop a sexual assault in the Boise Towne Square Mall parking lot were honored Thursday night. Police say their actions helped save the young victim from further injury.

According to prosecutors, suspect Gregory Macho was sexually assaulting a young woman in the mall parking lot back on May 14, when two other brave women noticed, and began to fight back against him.

The women, Angela and Delana -- whose last names weren't shared -- were given awards at a gathering at the Linen Building in Downtown Boise on Thursday.

Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson said their actions were essential in this case.

Generally, experience shows that just calling attention to the fact that they observe what's going on is enough to dissuade somebody who was involved in that type of action to stop, said Chief Masterson. In this case, it wasn't, and although we don't recommend it, Angela did a very brave act. She put herself in harm's way to help save another person that she thought was being viciously attacked.

Police noted that Angela's leg and hip were broken after Macho ran her down with his pickup while driving away from the scene of the crime. She was with her two small children at the time.

The women did not speak at the event, so as not to jeopardize what happens in court, as the case against Macho is an ongoing.

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