BOISE -- The 2013 wildfire season was devastating -- both in terms of land burned and lives lost.

At Bogus Basin Sunday, volunteers hung a strand of flags in memory of 318 wildland firefighters who have died since 1966.

That includes 35 flags added today for those who lost their lives this year.

The ceremony was part of a larger project organized by One Stone, a nonprofit organization developed, managed, and led by high school students.

The group says the remEMBER project was developed to give the community and families of firefighters a chance to publicly honor those who served, risked their lives, and gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect lands and lives.

As these flags hang outdoors in the land where these firefighters died serving to protect, the good spirits and the good energy is releasing from the flags as they hang, so as the colors fade over this season, over this year, it will release the good energy back into the wilderness, said One Stone member Kendall Simonds.

The flags are located outside the Frontier Point Nordic Lodge at Bogus Basin.

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