EMMETT -- The community of Emmett is coming together to rally around one of its own going through a very difficult time. It s an effort that started Monday with a single post on Facebook. What it turned into and means to the family in need, words just can't describe.

The post was on a Facebook page called Emmett Yard Salers. Over 1,500 people like the page and use it to resell just about anything from tables, to shoes, to a husky hat.

But this past Monday, Amanda Everheart posted something that got a lot of attention.

No, none of us expected it. Not in this community, said Kodi Mize.

Here's the post, Baby boy stuff for sale. We need money for my son's funeral. He passed yesterday from sudden unexplained death syndrome. Swing, stroller, play pen... clothes. Let me know if interested. We are putting the money directly into funeral fund made at the bank. Thx.

Kodi Mize read the post sitting at her kitchen table.

It grabbed a hold of me and said, Kodi, you have to do something to help this family, she said.

She has since put a donation can outside of her store and donated items to sell giving all the money to the Everhearts. Other people on the Facebook page joined in doing various things to raise money.

I can't imagine, I cannot imagine what that family is going through. It is a difficult situation to hear about, let alone live through it, said Mize.

For the past several days Amanda and her husband Matthew have had no choice but live through this.

Amanda fed her 2-month-old son Daxton around 6 a.m. Sunday. By 9 a.m., when she went to wake him up for church, he was gone.

He looked in a deep sleep and I put my hand across his face and he was cold, said Amanda Everheart.

Despite their efforts, and the efforts of EMTs, Daxton was pronounced dead a short time later.

Being short on cash the Everhearts turned to Facebook to pay for the funeral, selling their son s clothes, a stroller and new car seat.

It would be really great to have the stuff that he didn't get to use to be used by somebody, said Matthew Everheart.

In a few short days, thanks to Calvary Chapel, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Potter Funeral Home and several people in Emmett, there's just a few hundred dollars of expenses left to pay.

It's hard, it's really hard and I mean I have well over four- or five-hundred comments a day and I try to keep up and tell everybody thank you, but my heart can't express that gratitude I have for everybody, said Amanda.

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