EMMETT,Idaho -- Lieutenant Governor Brad Little's Wednesday breakfast announcement raised a few eyebrows when the invitations were mailed last week.

Would Little announce a surprise political move?

Was the invitation letterhead really misspelled? (It read, 'Your invited' versus the grammatically correct 'You're').

Those questions and more were answered today as Little greeted dozens of supporters in Emmett City Park and announced he'd run for the post of Lieutenant Governor.


Otter, who previously hinted at his intent to run for Governor in 2014, opened Wednesday's event by extolling the virtues of his running mate.

I've always been asked why I chose Brad, Otter explained. What I was looking for was somebody who was extremely knowledgeable about the state of Idaho, somebody that invested themselves and their family in the state of Idaho ...

Otter's praise touched on Little's political experience, his connection to voters, and a shared conservative philosophy that includes belief in limited government and low taxes.

Yet, while Otter has repeatedly said he intends to run for governor again, he did not make it official on Wednesday.

Instead, when asked by reporters if he was confident that he'd be able to fulfill another four-year term, the 71-year-old replied, I'm healthy as a horse, no pun intended.


Little thanked Otter, along with about 60 supporters for attending the breakfast campaign kickoff.

It's very humbling for me to see my neighbors, some of my fellow classmates, my neighbors, my friends, my family all here this morning, Little said. It's also good to be kicking off the campaign here where Theresa and I raised our family.

Much like Otter, Little promoted his conservative philosophy and dedication to a small government that he described as supporting business growth.

I appreciate the opportunity to be all pumped up by Governor Otter, Little said.

However, Little did say that he's interested in running for governor, should Otter no longer vie for the post.

To that end, he's been trying to elevate his statewide profile, acting as Idaho's economic liaison on trade missions and sending out a weekly calendar advising media of his whereabouts.

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