ALOHA, Ore. -- An Aloha family s moving nightmare is finally over. Sort of.

Alexine Eddy hired Metro Van Lines, out of South Florida, to move her son and his family from Virginia to Aloha, Ore.

The belongings were picked up on June 1st, but Metro Van Lines admitted to Alexine, the company lost her stuff. They simply did not know where it was.

By September, Alexine had still not received the belongings. Then, after three months and nine days, a moving van showed up at the Eddy home.

Everything has been smashed, crushed, opened, she said. Her son Douglas couldn t believe what he was seeing. Wow! It s here now, but it s not in good condition. It s torn apart and it s about three months too late, said Douglas Bosted.

Bosted was expecting his belongings, albeit three months late, to be in good condition. That was not the case. The boxes were smashed, torn and crumpled. Some were also ripped open and rummaged through. Furniture was damaged and their little boy, Ethan s clothes and toys were now unusable.

Disappointing, Alexine said, was an understatement. A lot of the boxes marked 'fragile' are smashed, totaled. The mattresses, which were brand new, are black. They're dirty, stained.

Metro Van Lines' website promises to assist customers with their moving needs in the most personal and professional manner. What their website does not say, is you may not get all of your stuff.

Eight boxes were missing from Alexine s shipment. And, the movers actually unloaded someone else s belongings into Alexine s garage. Douglas wife, Katherine Bosted said she had to tell the movers to take the stuff back, because it didn t belong to them.

I looked at them and said, 'These aren't ours,' the guy dropping all the boxes off was just like, Well, okay and he took them back as if it wasn't a big deal, she said.

Alexine is now left waiting again. The broker who worked with her during the move, a company called Moving APT told KGW she would not have to pay a penny for this moving debacle.

Metro Van Lines was also refusing to refund her $1,900 deposit. She has filed formal complaints and said she s now trying to locate her missing boxes. They said that there was going to be zero out of pocket, obviously this is not zero out of pocket, she said.

The family will try and salvage their belongings and figure out what s missing.

In the meantime, the broker, Moving APT has agreed to reimburse Alexine the $1,900 that Metro Van Lines refused to return.

Moving APT will try and recover the money from Metro Van Lines. A spokesperson for Moving APT said he thinks refunding the money to Alexine, even though it s not his company s responsibility, is the right thing to do, all things considered. He also says Moving APT has stopped doing business with Metro Van Lines.

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