CASCADE, Idaho -- After years of trying the Southern Valley County Recreation District is closer to building a public pool in Valley County. In order to make that happen, the taxing district needs more money.

The goal is to build a 17,500 square-foot facility in Cascade with a fitness center and pool heated by a geothermal well.

I just think it's going to be huge in terms of people coming up and enjoying the facility, said Bob Zach, president of the Southern Valley County Recreation District.

The Southern Valley County Recreation District is a taxing district created in 1998 with the goal of building a public pool. Right now, Zach says there's no community pool between Boise and Lewiston.

So the district saved its money hoping to build the facility. Right now it has $1.6 million saved. The facility costs roughly $3.3 million.

We're ready to move ahead and this is a facility that meets the needs of the community and has long-term sustainability, but we need people to partner with us, said Zach.

Zach is looking for donors big and small, and is willing to give naming rights to large donors and put others on a wall of recognition. Outside of the initial money Zach says they'll be able to sustain the complex with its revenue.

I just think it has a significant economic benefit to the community, said Zach.

What's really going to make this facility thrive in not only popularity, but financially, is the unlimited geothermal water.

Our intention is we're not only going to be able to heat the pool, but we're going to be able to heat the facility and the sidewalks around the outside, said Zach.

With so much going for it Zach and many others in the community believe this project will happen.

I am confident that we're going to get the money in, said Zach.

If the taxing district is able to raise all of the money it needs for this facility, the plan is to start construction before this winter and have the entire facility finished by next fall.

On Saturday from 11 a.m. to noon, the taxing district is holding an open house to kick off the fundraising efforts. That will happen at the future site of the Cascade Aquatic and Fitness Complex, which is across the street from Kelly's Whitewater Park off Highway 55.

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