GARDEN CITY -- The family of the hit-and-run victim in Garden City is speaking out about the accident involving their critically injured son.

Alan Beavers was hit while walking across Chinden Boulevard hit on Saturday night. Now, a suspect has been arrested and the victim is still in a coma.


Garden City Police said the accident happened around 10 p.m. Saturday, and that Beavers was walking at the intersection of Chinden Boulevard and Maple Grove.

They said the suspect, 19-year-old John French, didn't stop after hitting Beavers, and then pulled into a nearby convenience store. That's where his dark-colored SUV was caught on surveillance video.


KTVB talked with Beavers' family and they told us he is 24 years old, and a Caldwell High School graduate.

They said he was walking home from the convenience store just a few blocks away, when he was hit.

His father, Monty Beavers, recounted the night of the accident.

Witnesses say the driver of the SUV was probably doing 50 or 60 miles an hour, said Beavers. Hit his little body, he's only 95 to 100 pounds, and he should not be alive, but he is.

Beavers is still in a coma, with many broken bones along the right side of his body, a lacerated liver, fractures in his face, and bruising on his brain.

His father said, He's in for a long recovery, but we have faith and confidence that he is going to make it.

And many others share that faith, hundreds have shown support on the Facebook page, 'Pray for Alan Beavers.'

All the phone calls and text message from out of state about our son, we didn't know what a difference he's made in so many people's lives, said Monty Beavers.

Even as his son struggles to stay alive, Monty Beavers forgives the man now charged.

I know the suspect still has a heart and a soul and I'm hoping this tragedy, I hope it will change him for the better, said Monty Beavers.


Garden City Police told KTVB they used the description of the vehicle caught on surveillance camera to figure out the make and model. Then, investigators looked up the SUV's registered in our area that matched the description. There were more than 200 matching the description of the Toyota 4Runner.

Police then used those leads to track down French. They found evidence at his home that linked him to the crime.

French was arraigned in court Wednesday afternoon on two felonies. He is charged with leaving the scene of an accident and destruction of evidence.

The prosecutor said after the accident, French bought a new headlight and hood that he painted to match his 1995 Toyota 4Runner. The prosecutor said he then threw the damaged hood in a dumpster.

The judge set bond at $50,000. French is due back in court on Sept. 11 for a preliminary hearing.

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