MOUNTAINHOME -- The Elmore County Sheriff's Office said a tragic crime that left two people dead was a murder-suicide, involving a couple in their 40s.

Investigators said 42-year-old Michelle Gutierrez and 49-year-old Jaye Houtcooper had been together for years. But, that they had a relationship problem on Saturday that led to both their deaths on Sunday.

Authorities found two bodies inside the Mountain Home residence.

Investigators believe Gutierrez tried to leave on Sunday and that's when Houtcooper shot and killed her, then turned it on himself.

Leona Hatch told KTVB she has known Gutierrez and her family for years.

It's just tragic, they are good people, they come from good blood. It's just too sad that this has happened to the family, said Hatch.

Hatch said she didn't know Houtcooper, and has no idea how this tragedy unfolded.

Just a very good girl, very sweet, pretty little girl, said Hatch.

Hatch is one of many in the neighborhood trying to figure out exactly what happened on Sunday and why the couple's lives ended.

When it's good upstanding country people it's like, 'why, why?' It's just ugly, it's just ugly that this kind of stuff is happening all over the world right now. It's like people have just lost respect for life and that just kills me, said Hatch.

We also learned that Gutierrez has two children.

The sheriff's office said one son was living with the couple, but was not home at the time of the shootings.

Authorities are still investigating the case and told KTVB no more details are available.

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