CALDWELL -- Police say a Caldwell man was running stop lights and speeding on Tuesday -- all this while three kids ages 2-months to 8-years-old were sitting in the backseat of his car.

An officer who reportedly knew Marco Sedano had an outstanding warrant and a suspended driver's license saw him driving near Downtown Caldwell Tuesday afternoon.

Police say Sedano fled from that officer, driving erratically past the West Valley Medical Center before he finally surrendered on Ash Street.After the stop, officers learned that his passenger, Cynthia Serrano, also had outstanding arrest warrants.

Both were taken into custody on outsanding warrants, and also face three counts of injury to a child.

The duo was taken to the Canyon County Jail and the children were released to a family member, according to police.

A check into the Idaho Repository shows that Sedano has previous arrests for driving without privleges, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, probation violations, speeding, burglary, possession of a concealed weapon without a license, and aggravated battery, among other charges.

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