MURPHY -- Several years ago, an Owyhee County Sheriff's Deputy died after being swept away in a flash flood. It happened at a bridge out in Murphy, where the Idaho Transportation Department said they have had problems with flooding, and water on the roadway. Now, the Idaho Department of Transportation is building a new bridge to fix the problem.

ITD is building a new bridge over Scorpion Creek on Idaho-78. The project set to be finished sometime this fall. Before construction, it was a set of several culverts, but now they are putting in a bridge.

The main things was that, of the culverts we had out there, one was completely blocked so it served no purpose at all two of the others were halfway blocked, said ITD spokesman Reed Hollinshead. So your water flow was really restricted, and what it would do when it was bottle-necked like that, it would go up over the top of the road, which isn't safe for anybody. And so this bridge project was definitely needed.

Hollinshead said flooding has been a problem there during the spring thaw.

They are raising the elevation of the road a couple of feet because flooding is definitely a problem out there every year, every spring, said Hollinshead. They're raising the elevation of the road and it's also going to be a better structure to handle those sorts of incidents.

The price tag for the bridge project is set at $950,000.

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