WASHINGTON, D.C. -- There was a big state dinner at the White House Tuesday.

For this one, kids were the planners and the guests of honor -- with 54 winning healthy recipes. Among them, a second-grader from Boise named Adam Mac Wirth.

From Mac Wirth's Barley Salad to Amber Kelly's Nummy No Noodle Lasagna, the Kids' State Dinner was made and eaten by kids ages 8 to 12.

We just put in zucchini instead of the noodles and your getting vegetables, and it's really, really yummy, said Amber Kelly from Seattle, Wash.

Amber Kelly has a cooking show she does on YouTube that earned her a seat next to the first lady.

It was really cool, exclaimed Amber.

Alexandra Nickle put her two favorite things together to make Banana's Black Bean Burritos, while Brynna Robert simply felt the need to spice up her mom's meal.

Didn't have any spices and it was all bland so I decided to add spices, other ingredients to it so then eventually it became whole new recipe that was all mine, said Brynna Robert from Metairie, La.

But the biggest thrill was being here.

Food can be fun, it can be healthy, said President Obama.

Each child included anecdotes with their recipe on healthy eating and why it's so important to have wholesome ingredients.

We get to see how talented and creative and brilliant all you young people can be, said First Lady Michelle Obama.

And Mac Wirth has a pretty good story to tell his friend. I was really psyched to see the president and meet him.

The healthy lunchtime challenge received more than 1,300 recipes.

Each dish had to represent each of the food groups either as one dish or as part of a meal.

You can find Mac Wirth's recipe online.

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