SALEM -- A Salem man was attacked and robbed after he refused to buy beer for a group of five minors Thursday night, police said.

Deputies were called just before midnight to the Plaid Pantry at 4617 Silverton road NE on the report of an assault and robbery, said Marion County Sheriff's Office spokesman Don Thomson.

The 34-year-old victim told responding deputies a group of five men stopped him as he left the store, and one of them said they would beat him up if he didn't buy them beer, Thomson said.

The victim tried to ignore the man and started to ride off when he was attacked from behind. For several minutes, he was kicked and beaten by the group of young men, Thomson added. At one point, they stole his bicycle and threw it into the roadway.

They took the victim's backpack and drove away. He gave deputies a description of the suspect vehicle, which was pulled over nearby a short time later.

The victim was taken to the scene of the traffic stop to identify the suspects. His property was found inside the car, along with a tire iron that may have been used in the attack, Thomson said.

Four Salem men, 20-year-old Angel Delao, 18-year-old Sebastian Cazarez Campos, 18-year-old Kaleb Bogle and 20-year-old J.C. Brandon Palomo, were jailed without bail on charges of robbery, assault and theft by extortion.

A 17-year-old suspect was booked into Marion County Juvenile Detention facility on similar charges.

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