BOISE -- A new outdoor gym was unveiled on Thursday at the northeast corner of Ann Morrison Park, just along the greenbelt near 1000 Americana Boulevard.

The new gym dedication featured comments from the following speakers, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, CEO Ryan DeLuca, and Doug Holloway, Boise Parks and Recreation Director. This dedication coincides with Idaho Health and Yoga Awareness Week.

The 15-pieces of weather-proof equipment was donated by and is Boise's first ever outdoor gym. Most of the exercise equipment will be movable, and make use of body-weight resistance.

Gym equipment includes:

  • leg press
  • horizontal ladder
  • plyo boxes
  • back extension
  • combo press & pull
  • show board
  • pull-up and dip station
  • step & twist
  • parallel bars
  • squat press
  • s-shaped jump bar
  • sit-up board
  • rowing machine
  • multi-bars
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