Twenty-five veterans and widows were honored Saturday in Bremerton and their remains escorted by hundreds of motorcyclists to Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent.

Nine of the 25 departed were World War II era veterans; one served in WWII and Korea; eight Korean War era; one Viet Nam veteran; and four Cold War veterans.

The deceased include at least one member from every service.

There have been three ceremonies since 2008.

Following last year's Run to Tahoma, former Deputy Coroner John D' Agostino did a records search of those interned in Silverdale prior to 2008 to see if any were veterans.

D'Agostino submitted 54 individuals to the US Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Scheduling Office to determine who would be eligible for internment at Tahoma National Cemetery. NCSO approved 20 plus one widow of those buried in Silverdale. They were recovered last month.

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