BOISE -- Police say a Boise man was passed-out drunk blaring the horn of his vehicle early Thursday morning before police arrested him for felony DUI.

Levi R. Curtis, 33, of Boise was booked into the Ada County Jail later that morning.

Officers say a citizen called to report a drunk driver passed out behind the wheel of a running vehicle around 4:30 a.m. near the 3900 block of West Pershing Drive.

Boise Police Spokesperson Chuck McClure says the constant blaring of a horn woke up a man who lived in nearby apartment complex who went to investigate.

The man attempted to wake up Curtis by banging on his window, according to McClure. However, when that proved unsuccessful, the man called police.

When woken up and questioned by the officer, he reportedly failed several field sobriety tests.

Court records show Curtis has prior convictions for DUI, making Thursday's charge a felony.

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