BOISE -- The Race to Robie Creek won't be the only race headed toward the Robie Creek campground, this year. Two new races, a marathon called the Double Robie, and Aldape Challenge are expected to kick-off in September and add some changes to the usual course.

The Double Robie marathon will start and finish at Fort Boise, now 26.2 miles, and the Aldape Challenge uses the same course but will have a shorter distance of 16.6 miles.

The difference in distance means Double Robie participants will run over Aldape Summit and through Robie Creek Park, before doubling back.

Aldape Challenge runners will make their way back toward the Fort Boise finish line at the Aldape Summit point, located near mile-8 of the course.

Both races are scheduled to start at 7 a.m. on September 28th. Participants for each race will be given different bibs specific to whichever one they're in. For more information on the Double Robie & Aldape Challenge, click here.

Race to Robie Creek, and the Double Robie & Aldape Challenge are separately sponsored marathons. The Race to Robie Creek is still expected to be held on the third Saturday in April, every year.

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