ADA COUNTY -- There were nine different elections in Ada County including community development, education and district elections.

However, voter turnout was low in most of the county.

KTVB went to the Ada County Election Headquarters on Benjamin Lane in Boise. Voters here cast only 24 ballots to select board members for the Greater Boise Auditorium District.

Phil McGrane of Ada County Elections said most precincts saw fewer than 50 voters.

In comparison to, say, the general election, this is a very, very small election, said McGrane. The last election that all our poll workers did was the presidential election, so it's a huge contrast from being super busy to a lot of folks reading a good book today at all the polling locations.

McGrane said they expected a smaller turnout for this election than for last November's election. He said local district elections do not generally bring out very many of voters, unless those running the campaign draw a lot of attention.

McGrane told KTVB the area with the highest voter turnout was around the City of Eagle. The city ran a bond election for the fifth time to buy their city hall, as they are currently leasing the building.

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