BOISE -- Federal authorities in Idaho say theyarrested an Uzbekistan national on federal terrorism charges. Prosecutors say 30-year-old Fazliddin Kurbanov was taken into custodyin Boise on Thursday, one day after a grand jury issued a three-count indictment as part of a terrorism investigation.

Mike Baker is a former CIA Covert Operations Officer who now lives in Boise, and runs an international business intelligence company. KTVB talked to him to get some insight on where Kurbanov comes from, and the terrorist organization he's accused of helping (the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan).

Baker says Kurbanov's home country of Uzbekistan has an issue with radical Islam and jihadists.

According to the CIA World Factbook, 88 percent of the population is Sunni Muslim.

The leader of the terrorist organization Kurbanov is accused of helping was arrested by a coalition security force in Afghanistan last month.

Baker says since the U.S. and its allies have had some success battling terrorist organizations on their home turf, those organizations have turned to trying to recruit and radicalize people already in countries like the U.S.

Obviously, we're shocked, we're surprised that it's Boise. 'How could this happen?' But, the same feelings were there in Boston, after the Boston attack. I was there right afterwards, and everyone had the same reaction, which is, 'How could this happen in our hometown, in our neighborhood?' said Baker. But, that's the new face of the war on terror. It's not so much that they're trying to infiltrate us. They're trying to find people already here that they can influence, radicalize and turn toward a terrorist act.

Baker also speculates that there could be other arrests, since Kurbanov is accused of training and trying to recruit others to that terrorist cause.

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