BOISE -- A new cab company in Boise aims to use fry oil to fuel a fleet of taxi cabs.

The folks at 'Recab' say they want to provide a ride while also cutting down on greenhouse emissions. Co-owner James Orr says the idea is to create bio-diesel using recycled fryer oil from local restaurants.

Orr says the first step was buying a classic Mercedes-Benz cab that he's converted into running the alternative fuel.

This one's a dream, Orr told KTVB. She has the least amount of miles of any Mercedes I've ever bought.

Orr says he's been working on the idea behind his cab company for years, and recently bought the vintage Mercedes. He says almost every piece inside the car is recycled, even the taxi meter.

However, what really makes this cab different is the fuel.


As soon as your fries are done frying -- as soon they are done with that oil -- as soon as its reached the end of its life span, they give it to us and we have people who will convert it to biodiesel for us, explains Orr.

The car uses a two tank system that runs almost entirely on used fry oil.

We're taking locally sourced vegetable oil, and converting it into bio-diesel that we then run in these cars, says Orr.

Orr explains the biodiesel will reduce carbon dioxide emissions while using a product easily found in the state who's slogan is Famous Potatoes.

French fries and cabs that run on converted french fry diesel, I mean its the perfect place to start, Orr said.


Restaurants like the Boise Fry Company are pitching in on the plan, providing the used vegetable oil for fuel.

In addition to recycling oil, we're also reducing carbon emissions in the Treasure Valley, it's kind of like a double environmental effort in a lot of ways, so we are very excited, says Boise Fry Company co-owner Blake Lingle.

Lingle is giving Recab the oil it needs in exchange for free advertising, and hopes its an idea Boiseans will support.

We think it's great, we really like grassroots, we really like collaborating with local companies, so this was a no brainer for us we were very excited, says Lingle.

Recab's owners says it's a new way to fuel to your ride home, while riding to help clear the air in Boise.

This is a new concept, we've gotten interest from a bunch of people around the nation, Boise is our home and our heart, says Orr.

Recab hopes to be up and running by mid May, and hopes to add three or four cars to their fleet by the end of the year.

The only time they will have to actually stop at a gas station, is in the winter. That's because when it's below 30 degrees, they can't use their alternative fuel.

Another interesting fact:the owners of Recab actually had to get local legislation changed so that they could drive vintage cars as part of a taxi service.

They tell us they use a local company to convert the used oil in biodiesel.

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