BOISE -- A 48-year-old Boise woman is in jail after police say she drank a box of wine inside a convenience store bathroom Thursday night.

Karen J. King is charged with felony burglary in what Boise police are labeling an unusual theft.

Officers made the arrest after store employees reported a woman had taken a box of wine into the store bathroom, consumed it, and then left the box on the floor without paying for it.

The report came in at approximately 11 p.m.

Police say they located and arrested King afterward. She was then taken to a local hospital and medically cleared due to her high level of intoxication.

It wasn't King's first wine-related arrest.

BPD spokesman Chuck McClure said King was also arrested the day before for stealing a box of wine at a different convenience store. He says in that case, King left the store with the wine and did not consume it on the spot.

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