NAMPA-- Fire investigators are still working on evidence and interviews to find out what started an early afternoon house fire where a woman was found dead.

It happened in Canyon County on Missouri Avenue, right next to the Pickles Butte Landfill.

Fire investigators from around the county have been working on this fire all afternoon, trying to figure out where the fire began and how.

Not much fire damage is visible from the outside of the home, mostly just up by the roof line.

Around noon, the sheriff's office said some landfill workers smelled smoke and went to go check the house.

When they looked in the windows, they saw someone down on the ground. The workers broke in and were able to pull an older woman out of the house, but deputies say it was too late to save her.

The landfill workers are being commended and the sheriff's office says none of them were hurt.

They are okay. Don't seem to have sustained any injuries, but absolutely, they went above and beyond to see what they could do for this individual, said Lt. Chris McCormick with the Canyon County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say an autopsy for the woman is planned for Thursday. At this point, they can't say how she died, and whether it was before the fire or during.

The cause of the fire has not been determined.

Deputies say they have no reason to believe there is anything suspicious with this fire, but they are treating the scene as though it could be to preserve any evidence if something were to become suspicious.

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