EAGLE -- Ada County authorities say two middle school age boys admitted to vandalizing the Eagle Island State Park bathrooms, along with causing up to $5,000 worth in damage to a nearby building on Hatchery Road.

Investigators from Eagle police say the boys, including a third boy who said he was with them inside the buildings but only watched, are also responsible for scratching a profane message on a metal sign at Eagle State Park. The boys are 14, 13, and 12 years old. Officers arrested all three yesterday before releasing them to their parents.

The boys spray-painted graffiti inside the building on April 25th, and took a gas credit card & horse lasso they found inside.

They also admitted that they broke soap dispensers in two of the park bathrooms, as well as pouring soap down the drains the night before.

Park officials say soap was smeared all over the walls.

The boys got into the building on Hatchery Road around 8 p.m. after finding one of the back doors unlocked. Owners of the building discovered the damage Monday morning and worked with Eagle Island State Park officials and the Eagle Police to identify them.

Officers are working to decide how much clean-up will cost and are expected to ask the boys and their families to pay those expenses.

Authorities are looking at other similar vandalism incidents to see if they may be connected.

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